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Title: Parallel Lines
Relationship: Jun/Ryousuke
Rating: T
CW/Triggers: None
Summary: In which Jun reflects on the Inashiro game, how he first met Ryousuke, and how his life changed from that moment on. (4,600+ words)

Art by hailing: HERE || Story by starianprincess: HERE

Artist and Author Notes:

I'm nowhere near as eloquent as Kat is with words, but I'm incredibly grateful to have been partnered up with someone so warm and open to sharing ideas as Kat. She managed to take a picture and create something really beautiful with it. I'm beyond happy to have had the chance to pair up as a team together. Hopefully you guys enjoy our collaboration as much as I enjoyed working on it. And finally, thanks to the mods for making this event happen! It's been a truly rewarding one. - hailing / Hayley

I never thought I'd fall in love with this pairing as much as I have. So, here's a big, heartfelt thank you to my wonderful and incomparable partner, Hayley. Of all the people reading this, I especially hope that you enjoy it and that I've successfully managed to put together the narrative you had in mind. Without your prompts and manifesto, this story wouldn't exist - this is not an exaggeration. It has been an absolute pleasure fangirling with you. ♥ And to everyone in the community, congratulations on making it to the end of the round! I hope you guys give this pairing and story a shot. I'm really happy with how it turned out. - starianprincess / Kat


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Title: caramel
Relationship: Kuramochi Youichi/Kominato Ryousuke
Rating: T & up
CW/Triggers: none

His mouth tastes sweet, and for a moment Youichi has a brief thought, of maybe, what if, could he be...? He almost snorts to himself as soon as the thought comes, because there is no way this guy could be his soulmate. No way.

Art by wamuura HERE | | Story by katzuyas HERE

Author's and Artist note:

It's been a great pleasure working on this and I'm happy I got to experience this with such an amazing partner! Even though it's my first work for this ship it wasn't stressfull at all, for which I'm incredibly grateful to Lexie and the daiya no bang mods, bless you all //sends huggles I'm already looking forward to working with you all again~ -kat

Thank you to the admin for making this bang experience so pleasurable! It was really fun working with kat and creating something with a ship that we both haven't done before //sends kisses Many many thanks to kat for taking my soulmate!AU and turning it into something so beautiful!!! -lexie
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Title: Where the Jaeger Ends
Relationship: Tiny! Miyuki Kazuya & Others 
Rating: G
CW/Triggers: none
He walked up behind the kid, “Hey, you can’t be here.”

The boy spun, and Kazuya saw golden eyes and tearstained cheeks. “I...why?”

Kazuya didn't recognize him, but he knew that the boys from town would sneak in sometimes and get in trouble if they were caught. “This is part of the Shatterdome property. You can get in trouble for breaking in.”

“But I...I live here now,” he said, voice low. “I’m not breaking in.” He looked down at his shirt, playing with the hem.

Art by [personal profile] catzuya Here || Story by [personal profile] whythehandbasket Here

Author's and Artist note:

Thank you, kind administrators, for running this event again, I had so much fun writing this story for the beautiful art drawn by Cat. Thanks, Cat for the picture and the ideas, you've made such a great AU, I adore it. I hope you enjoy this story! We worked hard on it.  -whythehandbasket

it was such fun working with gretch again for the reverse. shes always full of ideas and stories and she took this in a way that i honestly never thought of and brought it to life. please please give it a read and thank you for looking at our work!  -cat

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Title: The probability of growing daisies

Relationship: Kuramochi Youichi/Miyuki Kazuya  
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
CW/Triggers: None
Summary: Love stories started anywhere (a classroom), between anyone (the gang leader and the student council president). It could involve the most trivial things: mint cigarettes, black frame glasses, old white sneakers and daisies seeds on a pocket. 
At the end, it was up to those two to see if it worked. 
Love would find a way, just like flowers.

Art  by Kukki || Story by Exyankee

Art/Authors Note: 

Author: Thank you admin for making this happen a second year! Also a big thanks to Kukki for her gorgeous art and giving me the best protagonists to work on a story. Hope you enjoy yankee mochi and student council president Miyuki!

Artist: Thank you admins for organizing this event! This (kuramiyu delinquent/student council president) AU has been in my mind for a while so I’m glad I had the chance to draw for it for this reverse bang! Tsu did a wonderful job writing, so please go check her beautiful fic!  

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Title: starstruck
Relationship: Miyuki Kazuya/Watanabe Hisashi
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
CW/Triggers: None
Summary: When Nabe, a manager of the Tokyo Yakult Swallows, gets asked to be a consultant on the latest blockbuster baseball movie, the last thing he expects is to grow so close to A-List actor Miyuki Kazuya.

Art by hilaryfun HERE || Story by tripsh HERE

Art/Authors Note:

Artist statement: A big thank you to the admin for putting on this event-we appreciate all you do to make the bang a success!
Also, a major heartfelt thank you to my partner, Tripsh who took my little nugget of an idea and turned it into an amazing story!

Author statement: Thank you so much to the admins for making this fun event happen and everything you do to make it run smoothly!
And a huge thank you and shout-out to Hil for being an incredible partner and not only coming up with such an awesome idea, but the amazing artwork as well! We hope you enjoy our work!!
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Title: Wish Upon a Star
Relationship: Kuramochi Youichi / Miyuki Kazuya
Rating: T
CW/Triggers: some language, but more just watch the fluff
Summary: Evening batting practice, the perfect cover to watch the night sky for falling stars to grant heart's desires.

Story by: starrwinter * HERE || Art and Illustration by: teesshu * HERE


Author and Artist Notes:

You have no idea how much I screamed when I was partnered up with Alex, and getting to look and think about this beautiful artwork everyday ;) A HUGE thank you to CAT for organizing this wonderful bang again too (and looking forward to dying with/against everyone in SASO too)  -- starrwinter (Lindsay)

Lindsay’s concept was truly amazing and definitely something that I couldn’t even imagine when I drew the pic. Being honest the picture was a bit open regarding the theme, aside of Kuramochi and Miyuki watching the starry sky, so the proposal she came with was a 10/10 go. - teesshu (Alex)

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 Writers and Artists are free to contact one another! 

Final entries will be due June 7th and posting begins June 9th! 
This is a short bang, so be aware of your deadlines. The minimum word count is 2k.  If you cannot get in touch with your partner, let us know and we will make an attempt to contact. 


[personal profile] hilaryfun & [personal profile] tripsh 
[personal profile] kvkki & [personal profile] exyankee 
[personal profile] teesshu &[personal profile] starrwinter 
[personal profile] wamuura & [personal profile] karasunotsubasa 
[personal profile] catzuya & [personal profile] whythehandbasket 
[personal profile] hailing & [personal profile] starianprincess 

Good luck to everyone! 
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 A friendly reminder that final complete projects are due via email by May 1st, the latest submissions will be accepted is May 4th. 

What is needed for submissions? 
Please email your work to daiyanobang@gmail.com with the subject title "Reverse Bang" along with your handle name. In the subject field, please add the following: 
Relationship: Platonic/Romantic/Other,
Preferred Ship if any. 
Brief Description of what your idea is. If none, please use "Open/None/etc" 

Relationship: Miyuki & Mei, Platonic
Preferred Ship: Misawa, Miyu+Mei
Description: "This can be seen as a future AU, or a shippy drawing, but I've always been interested in the relationship Miyuki has with the southpaw pitchers.Please nothing with cheating or character death." or "Im curious to see what you will create with this! No deathfic or character bashing, I love them all" 

I have multiple drawings, how will i submit those? 
If you have multiples, please label your image files as "Reverse1, Reverse2" 
When submitting your descriptions, please make sure it corresponds with the correct image file. 
Relationship: furusawa
Preferred ship: furusawa
Description: "Furuya and Sawamura take a morning trip to the zoo. I really really like fluffy furusawas, so anything with this would be perfect." 
Can I add song/inspiration lines/etc to my description? 
Yes! You can add anything to your description that you feel will enhance your project. 
This includes information of things you are NOT willing to read or work with. Daiya Reverse is only required one drawing (the one you are submitting for claims), anything you make for the story after is considered extra, so please be specific in what you are and are not willing to work with. 
Please note; It does not have to be a short description.
This is your artwork and your potential story that will be told. Please make sure you are in communication with your writer, if you do not hear from them, contact us via email and we will try to contact your writer. If we do not hear from your writer, we will consider the writer dropped and assign a pinch hitter if requested. 
Know an artist that missed official sign ups? 
They have until May 4th to submit to daiyanobang@gmail.com 
Still have questions over something that was not covered? Let us know and we'd be happy to answer.
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 We are happy to formally announce Daiya no Bang: Reverse
This event will be a short, fun and stress free collaboration event for Daiya participants both new and old. 

What is a reverse bang? 
- a collaborative event where the Artist creates a prompt, and a Writer creates a story from said prompt.

What is the schedule for DnB:R?

  • 14th - Artist sign ups close 
  • 1st - Writer sign ups close
  • 1st - Artist final visuals are due
  • 5th - Artist images are posted to locked journal for pre-claim viewing
  • 7th - Claims Open for members only. 
  • 7th - final projects emailed to mods/ posting dates assigned 
  • 9th - final posting starts


Artists will be submitting a completed piece of brand new art to be posted for a claims. 

Writers will be claiming an art piece and create a collaborative short story to accompany the image. 
Word count minimum 2k, there will be no max cap. We do ask that you have a finishing point or a good stopping point. in case your story grows and grows. 



What can I submit?
  • 1 complete illustration
  • character sheets
  • comic/doujinshi pages (limited dialog)
  • any visual image
unsure about submissions? Send us an email to ask! daiyanobang@gmail.com

Can I submit more than one image?
Yes you can. 
Please be aware that if you have multiple images, you must be ready to work with multiple partners. 

When can I start? 
As soon as you sign up! 
Sign ups will begin April 5th and final postings will be mid-June.  
Artists sign ups --> Here
Writer sign ups --> Here


Other information:

What do I need to sign up? 

  • a Dreamwidth account (free)
  • email you check often

How will claims work? 
DnB: Reverse will have claims on a first come, first served basis. Images will be posted to a locked entry, and members only will be able to comment and claim. You must be a member in order to comment. Claims information can be found here in our FAQ. 

What will be included in the final posting?
Your final collab will include: 

  • Artist Illustration from claims
  • Writers short story
  • 1 banner or 1 thumbnail 
Remember to manage your time carefully! DnB Reverse is a short event, so please be sure to plan accordingly for short deadlines. If you have concerns please email us. 

Questions or concerns? Let us know at daiyanobang@gmail.com or leave a comment below! 
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 Welcome Writers to Daiya no Bang: Reverse
Want to sign up? Please leave a comment below with the following information:

Name (URL): 

If you change urls frequently, please let us know or leave a comment  below with your updated information, thank you! 

All comments are screened. 
Writer sign ups close May 1st

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Welcome Artists to Daiya no Bang: Reverse! 
Want to sign up? Please leave a comment below with the following information:

Name (URL):

If you change urls frequently, please let us know or leave a comment below with your updated information, thank you!

All comments are screened
 Artist Sign ups close April 14th
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Title: Take Me Home
Relationship: Miyuki Kazuya/Sawamura Eijun; Kuramochi Youichi/Kominato Ryousuke
Rating: T
CW/Triggers: a bit of violence
Summary: Sawamura Eijun is odd.

Everyone knew that, but only a few really bothered to ask. He always wore turtle-necks, even during the hottest days of Tokyo. He doesn't reply when you try to talk to him. In fact, no one has heard of him speak before. Despite all the seemingly negative description, he is a lively and cheerful guy.

That caught Miyuki Kazuya's interest, and that was what made all the difference.


Hello, deepinmisawahell here! Lolol, I have plenty to say but I'll cut this one short. This fic was originally planned to have 15k words, but y'know how ideas strike out of nowhere and you just HAD to write it. xD Life was a jerk and always got in my way of writing this, but I didn't give up! I'm so glad I didn't, this is like, my only story that I actually finished. Ever. xD

So, this fic is both strongly and loosely based on the main storyline. I made changes for my own convenience of course. xD Note that I have completely proofread this one so grammatical errors here we go!


The third pic is of Eijun looking at his scar in the mirror. I think the other ones are mostly self explanatory lol


Story by: deepinmisawahell (Link to Story) || Art and Illustration by: seishun-da-ne (Link to Art)

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Title: north star
Relationship: Gen fic
Rating: Teen and up
CW/Triggers: explicit language, some graphic violence
Humanity never stood a chance against the aliens. Despite that, humanity continues to fight back. Various governments and resistance groups recruiting and training the very best minds. Two of those minds are Narumiya Mei and Miyuki Kazuya. Mei wants to save humanity. Kazuya just wants to see the stars.
After a betrayal leads to their abduction, the two of them wake up on an eerily empty space station, surrounded by a small group of suddenly free human slaves. In an unfamiliar environment with danger lurking, they try to find out just what happened on the station but everyone has secrets and some are more dangerous than others.

Story by Moirica & Art by Naureth

Author and Artist Commentary:

Okay, wow! This was a crazy trip and I'm not even finished yet! I definitely bit off a little more than I could chew with my story idea this time around, even though I love it to pieces. I tried a new style of outlining and it both helped and hindered me in the long run. A definite learning experience.
A huge thank you to the mods for being so kind in regards to the deadlines and due dates for things and for creating this challenge in the first place! A MASSIVE thank you to my partner and artist in this endeavor, Naureth. They put up with sparse emails and slow writing and a lot out of just the outline! Thank you so much for putting up with me for this challenge!
I really hope that you all enjoy the beginning of this rather epic story. I do intend on finishing it as fast as I can. If anyone is interested in being a beta let me know, I could probably use it.

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title: a lie in three parts
relationship: sawamura eijun/miyuki kazuya
cw/triggers: alternate universe: thieves, cw: gun violence, cw: implied sexual content, cw: graphic sexual content, cw: alcohol use, cw: smoking
summary: "Pride is in the bones of the dead. After everything that could have been said never is, when flesh is dust and tears are dry, deep in the crevices of your bones lies the pride you've held on to all your life, all but worthless except when it comes to him."

alternatively: Miyuki and Sawamura steal each other's lives without ever knowing it and pay the price for their affections with a sacrifice nobody asked them to make.

story by neesaan || art by mewyuki
fic link
art link
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Title: Manic Fairy Dream Prince
Relationship: Miyuki Kazuya/Sawamura Eijun, Kuramochi Youichi/Aotsuki Wakana
Rating: T
CW/Triggers: explicit language
Summary: They got it wrong - Manic Pixie Dream Girl? More like Manic Fairy Dream Prince, though he was still trying to wrap his head around the prince part. You’d think it was the fairy part that was throwing him- gold and yellow wings stretching out from his protective stance- and he’d hardly call Sawamura a dream anything. But after the boy crashed through Miyuki’s door while he was experiencing the most excruciated pain of his life, yelling about ‘magic control’ and ‘gonna be caught’, followed by a whole ton of swearing and panic; his entire world turned upside down and nothing really shocked him any more. Except for the prince thing. There, someone had made a mistake.

In which Miyuki goes to sleep human and wakes to find his baby wings coming in, discovering a whole other world, filled with magical creatures, casters, and predators, living right under everyones noses.

Such things do exist.

Story by: Siyrean fic link | | Art by: Glow-chan art link

Author and Artist Notes:  

This is my entry for this years Daiya Big Bang. This is my first time participating in a big bang, my first time writing for Ace of Diamond, and my first time writing fanfic in over 4 years. It was definitely a relearning experience and I have to thank my artist Glow-chan so very very much. I can't believe what she was able to make and I'm so thankful. I never expected anything so long and it's my first time seeing one of my stories brought to life. so once again thank you much! And please go check out her page. She had to deal with me sending half finished chapters and then just pages of dialogue with no context to work with and I feel so bad she got stuck with such a disorganized partner. -siyrean

I'm really thankful to be part of these amazing story. It was a challenge for me because i've never drawn anything like this. I didn't know a thing about fairies so I've learnt a lot with this. -Glow-chan

Please use the following tags:
Tags: !dnb2017, ! (artist name), ! (writers name),
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Title Page

Title: 10,755 km: The Distance Between Us

Character(s): Sawamura Eijun, Miyuki Kazuya, Kuramochi Youichi, Kominato Haruichi, Marco (Original Character), Kominato Ryosuke, Sawamura Eitoku, Marta & Lucia (Original/Minor Characters)

Pairings: Sawamura Eijun/Miyuki Kazuya, Mentions of Kuraryou

Rating: Teen and up audiences

Warning/Triggers/Content Warnings: Mentions of panic attacks

Additional tags: angst, drama, minor injuries, memory loss, friendship, getting together, slow burn, Alternative universe-Age changes, fluff, baseball

Fic Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9669764
Art Link: http://daiyanerd.tumblr.com/post/157143719359/this-is-my-second-release-for-daiya-no-bang-2017

Author and Artist notes:
Yes, hello it has been a really long while since I last updated and many things have happened since then, like this really long fic that i'm not sure how happened, I've always wanted to travel to Spain since i was a kid so i thought why not make it come true and give sawamura and miyuki a bit of pain along the way? haha i hope i did this idea enough justice. This was written for the daiya no bang event and I really hope you enjoy the reading and all the love and time that was put into creating this by me and my bang partner.

I also want to thank everyone who worked with me on this fic, my partner (Hilary) and my beta reader (Shen) I owe you guys everything, thanks for all the patience and support, this fic was possible because you were there and didn’t give up on me at any point, thanks for all the help and encouragement through this whole mess, much love for the both of you! And finally to the mods for organizing such a fun event, it has been an amazing experience and I’ve grown a lot as a writer while working on this, thanks! - Yuu_nat

Thank you for your support! I hope you enjoy our release! I had a blast working on this with my new friend- it was a joy every step of the way. -HilaryFun
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Title: truth lies in between

Relationship: Kuramochi Youichi/Miyuki Kazuya
Rating: T
CW/Triggers: one depiction of parent-child abuse, misgendering

Summary: In an effort to bring together the natural resources of the Miyuki kingdom and the strength of the Kuramochi army, their rulers match their princess and prince together to be wed. Except, well—Miyuki sees himself a prince, and he's not interested in being anyone's kept bride.

But what starts as a contentious match might just turn into something like allyship, and perhaps even beyond.

fic + art

We hope you enjoy!

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Title: In disguise

Relationship: Miyuki Kazuya/Kuramochi Youichi
Rating: M
CW/Triggers: violence, explicit sexual content

Summary: Miyuki settled his hands over her ass, groping the flesh and making the girl’s face lit bright red. (...) Too late he realized maybe he went a bit too far (...)

“You bastard-!” She groaned, and Miyuki felt his whole world crumble as he slowly realized that voice couldn’t belong to a female and that the person in front of him wasn’t a she but a he (and he was completely mad.) Gripping his teeth, the guy looked up at him with glistening eyes. Miyuki barely had time to see the fist coming for him, less time to avoid it.

His last conscious thought was how soft that guy’s buttocks felt.

(Miyuki going to a bar and ends with him hooking up with a man in drags wasn’t the expected outcome.)

Story by exyankee : link | Art by supalia: link

Author and Artist Notes:
Thank you very much for allowing us to participate and organizing this, thanks to the admin! We work very hard to finish this story and put our hearts on this small proyect so we hope you enjoy it as well. We apologize for taking a bit too long but to post but real life took over us. Anyway, we are happy to finally being able to share this!
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Title: heat heart beat
Relationship: Kuramochi Youichi/Kominato Ryousuke
Rating: M
CW/Triggers: Smoking, guns, violence, alcohol, implied sex
But Ryousuke’s hand is there, tipping his chin up and cradling Youichi’s cheek. Recklessness isn’t bravery, Ryousuke told him once. This doesn’t feel much like bravery at all, and he wants to lean forward and kiss Ryousuke, but he doesn’t dare.
Every step forward is a fight, and maybe some things just weren't meant to be easy.

Story by hyalinee || Art by puffpastries

Author and Artist notes:
It was a total pleasure and honour to be working with tsu, who was endlessly supportive and ready to cry w me about krry at any time. Thank you so much to the organizers for putting all this together! All in, it was a wild ride and a lot of last minute reworking on certain parts, but it was very much a labour of love and I sincerely hope you all enjoy this. - hyalinee
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